Center of Political Consulting is one of the leading providers of political strategy, strategic communications,  public and media relations services, operating in Ukraine since 2008. Some of the team members have worked together since mid-90ies. Our scope of competence comprises political strategy and campaign management, media strategy (both institutional and individual), branding and advertising, coaching, media project development etc. Some of our projects and clients include:

  • Full-scope of media and information analysis services for major political parties such as “Our Ukraine”, led by Victor Yuschenko, (2002-2007), “Civic Position”, led by Anatoly Grytsenko (2009-2014), “Third Ukrainian Republic”, led by Yuriy Lutsenko (2013-2014);
  • Personal media relation management for individual Clients (e.g. Borys Lozhkin, Head of the President’s Administration) ;
  • Public and media relations for state institutions and programs (media support of reforms in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and General Prosecutor’s office (2014-2015);
  • Electoral campaign services for all levels of elections from local to presidential campaigns (Victor Yuschenko presidential campaign (2004), Anatoly Grytsenko presidential campaigns (2010, 2014), parliamentary and local campaigns for various candidates.