Революція Гідності

30/05/2014 Construction of Reality in the Context of Signing the Agreement about Regulation of the Crisis in Ukraine on 21 February 2014

Social and political reality is semiotic, i.e. it is a combination of signs in the political text of the society. A sign is an associative category that makes a connection between a subject and its image in a person’s perception. A sign always has an interpretant – its direct meaning and a variety of additional – connotative – interpretants that in every single case are defined by a reader’s perception, and depend on particular conditions (place, time, cultural traditions etc.) where he/she exists.

As the reality is constructed from signs, it can be denotative and connotative. Authors represent connotative realities not only as interpretation of events but also as a real denotative reality, and therefrom make political decisions (V.Yanukovich’s absence in the country – O. Turchynov’s election as the acting President; not voting for V.Yanukovich’s impeachment – his statements about the legitimacy of his Presidency). Facts no longer exist, one connotative reality beats the other, and some interpetants beat the other ones.

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